What Makes A Great Leader?

I like watching motivational videos. It is a great way to get inspiration from others who have gained practical experience in their lives. I like Jim Rohn as a speaker, he has much to share with us all that can be applied in our lives in a very practical way. In the video below he shares Six Leadership Attributes from Napolean Hill\’s famous book Think and Grow Rich.


(Please note that in the video below he refers to herbal life, we are not associated with it nor do we advertise it. It just so happens to be a business he was in and he uses it in the context of some of his examples)

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The 6 Attributes of Leaders

  1. Unwavering Courage
  2. Self Control
  3. A Keen Sense of Justice
  4. Definiteness of Decision
  5. Definite Plans
  6. The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For

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