What Is Lifestyle Freedom?

It is about finding the TIME to do the things that are important to YOU.

It is about prioritising that TIME in our lives to ensure we achieve our goals in our health, wealth, social relationships and self.

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To some people, Lifestyle Freedom is all about the material wealth in life. However, I see Lifestyle Freedom a little more simplistically. Sometimes what we are really after is not all those 'material things'.

What we want is more flexibility with our time. Yes, our time.

Lifestyle Freedom is getting control of our TIME.

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Some people equate the term strictly with being wealthy. The ability to do what we want in life, whenever we want because we have more money than we could spend in a lifetime. If we want a big house, we buy one. If we want a sports car, we buy one. If we want the latest gadget, we buy it. If we want to go on a luxury holiday, we just up and go.

Take Control

When we start a family, we are propelled into a near crisis over our childcare options. It’s such a difficult decision for parents to make to decide if it’s ‘worth it,’ to hire a childminder or use daycare for a child, or give up a salary and have one parent stay home. The fact that people have to make these decisions based on financial resources, and not on how they want to raise their child is crushing for working families. What we want is to be able to have our children whenever we want, and decide on care as a personal preference. That’s Lifestyle Freedom.

We want to go on a family holiday, however, we have to be restricted to the busiest holiday periods when the cost of travel and accommodation escalate beyond our budget. To be able to decide when and where we want to go. That’s Lifestyle Freedom.

When we want to go shopping it is always the weekend when we are battling in the aisles with everyone else, battling to purchase the same things. We are stuck in the traffic, stuck in the cashier queues, exhausted by the time we get home, and never able to regain those hours spent waiting and queuing. What if we were able to go on a Wednesday morning at our leisure without the crowds, without the pressure and stress. That’s Lifestyle Freedom.

When was the last time you were able to dedicate time to the wife and kids without having to put it off because you were too busy at work? When was the last time you took your son or daughter to their after-school sports or activities, when was the last time you made it to the school play without having to rush and be late or worse still miss it! To be able to ensure you have the TIME and ensure you allow the TIME for these important events, That’s Lifestyle Freedom.

When was the last time that you had the TIME for YOU?

We are so busy with our daily life we forget about looking after ourselves. We work so hard to provide to pay the bills that we forget to set aside TIME for the most important person, YOU. Without you, how can you provide for those you love. Meeting that old friend for a meal or a drink, playing 5-a-side again, picking up the guitar again, reading a book to help you develop yourself, making TIME for YOU, That’s Lifestyle Freedom.

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So, How Do We Create Our Own Lifestyle Freedom?

We invest in ourselves, we learn, we educate ourselves, we work hard and we succeed in achieving our goals.

  • If you want to: Have your time back.
  • If you want to: Start earning passive income.
  • If you would love to: Work on your passion.
  • If you would like to: Start a business and work from anywhere.
  • If you would like to: Stop working for someone else’s dreams.

Start here and have a look at this FREE Online Video Series that will explain to you;

  • How to start your own Lifestyle Freedom business from scratch.
  • How to choose what market to go in.
  • How to create and set up your own website, even if you’re not a computer wiz.
  • How to make it look great.

This learning is not for you if;

  • You are looking for a “get-rich-quick system.”
  • You are not willing to put in the hard work.
  • You get offended when someone gives you a ton of valuable content and then promotes a few products that help develop you and your business on the way.
  • You are not willing to make that positive change in your life.

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