Shift Your Focus From Wealth Mindset To Success For Success

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Are you an entrepreneur reading fancy books about wealth mindset? 

Entrepreneurs and company owners take inspiration from everywhere. Furthermore, from the thought that they will make sums of money and get their financial freedom. 

But, this is a harmless thought. 

I agree, but do you think any sum of money will ever be sufficient for a business or the financial freedom of an individual? 

The driving factor for your business to grow to earn money will less likely make it succeed. When cash is the byproduct of the services you offer, it is a magnet for success and eventually money. 

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But what is wrong with my wealth mindset? 

Surprisingly, the term wealth mindset refers to a lens, a perspective by the help of which you make the most of your wealth; there is a catch! 

Whenever there is wealth, there has to be a catch, right? 

The wealth mindset propagating the minds transforms into a concept most likely, the opposite. It turns into a scarcity mindset where you do not end up making the most of your wealth. Furthermore, there is possibly not enough wealth to satiate the hunger for wealth. 

The chase for a raise, getting a better incentive, paying employees less, and dreaming about your next paycheck is never the entrepreneur’s quality. Your account balance can never be a guarantee for happiness and contentment in life. 

The thought of money as a milestone is alluring as we believe that is how the world grows. 

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Why think beyond the wealth mindset? 

For an entrepreneur, you are supposed to add value to the room where you sit. Moreover, it is correct for any professional dedicated to his job and success. 

A wealth mindset is a beneficial perspective to grow enormously in every aspect of life and career. What is tricky is understanding what differentiates it from being money-minded all the time. 

As an entrepreneur, I did feel my inclination toward making more money in haste. Maybe that could make me grow rich forever. 

However, when you are a responsible entrepreneur, you fight this thought and think about the company and adding value. 

Throwing in some points on why the success mindset scores over the wealth mindset. 

Thinking about money too much is dreadful. While we all think about what our bank balance will be in the next few months, there needs to be a line. You pull yourself away from life’s pleasures, stop seeking help when you need it, and even stop helping others. At times, it causes you to grow even more isolated and less effective. It is one price to pay for a wealth mindset to lose all your peace and joy. Right? 

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To top it all, the wealth mindset is not something you have control over, it becomes your master. Furthermore, you end up valuing it over success, your happiness, and your peace. A crude example here. Having one refrigerator in the home and having a refrigerator in your living room and all bedrooms is no guarantee for happiness. You reach the saturation point and no amount reflected will make you delighted. 

Gaining wealth is important as an entrepreneur or not. But, it is more important to have peace, happiness, and success. 

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