How To Make Your Confident Workplace Team?

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Good lighting, comfortable chairs, and a working coffee machine speak for a great workplace. However, your work will get done when your employees are not just happy but secure. If you are an employer looking for methods to develop your confident workplace team, these suggestions may be a treasure for you. 

Workplaces are a combination of employees. Some are brimming with self-reliance more than others. Others are dependent on consistent reassurance from their supervisor. Furthermore, maybe even frequent checking in and guidance. As a manager or a company owner or even as an individual you can help co-workers develop confidence and make the workplace team productive. 

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Develop trust to make the confident workplace team 

Whatever steps you may implement on this voyage to grow a confident workplace team starts with building trust. So, why trust is crucial for a better-performing team and leads them to be more confident? Because:

  • Teams that trust each other communicate better. Communication undoubtedly is the key to a team’s performance. However, for the team to communicate and trust, co-workers need to be confident.
  • Increased speed and effectiveness are a must when the team is confident and trusts each other.
  • Moreover, with more trust and confidence comes happiness, which means less attrition rate and more ideas turning into better results.
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How to grow trust and make a confident workplace team? 

Getting your rather nervous employee aware of their strengths sounds like a transformation happening only in movies. Developing your trust amongst them and making them feel accountable for their contributions is possible. Moreover, coming from a professional, who was once a shy employee and is now motivating others are some wisdom-filled tips:

  • No to micro-management
  • Competence for confidence 
  • Soft skills for a happy environment 
  • Appreciate efforts and provide constructive feedback
  • Try being more patient 
  • Provide feedback

Let go of micro-management 

There are a plethora of steps to develop trust and grow a more confident workplace team. Start with the simplest yet the hardest to resist. Stop micromanaging. Especially, for the one employee that you feel is less confident, try giving them space. 

We all like managing things, but when you are micromanaging, your employees or subordinates may get the idea that you trust them less. And while you may think you are helping them, you end up doing the opposite.

Compete for confidence  

The path to having a more confident workplace team is closely related to competence. Team members need to evolve professionally and grow their skills so that they do not doubt their abilities. What you can do is develop learning and skill-development for your employees.  

There are courses available online that you can let your team access. Try setting up knowledge-sharing sessions to benefit the entire team to boost confidence. 

Soft skills for a happy environment

So, introduce positive body language to let your employees directly to building trust. For instance, while a colleague presents, allow them their undivided attention. Additionally, start it small by curbing the urge to scroll through Instagram reels when they present or discuss ideas with you. These simple actions exhibit that their presence and their work add value. It can be the foundation of trust and confidence growing simultaneously. To sum it up, let your confident workplace team learn and encourage these positive little actions. 

Moreover, a team that instills trust and develops confidence amongst its members benefits manifold financially and encourages more employee engagement. And the process to build trust is demanding and building confidence is gradual, the derivatives are worthwhile. 

Also, for the next three ways to grow trust and build a more confident team, wait for the blog next week.

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