How To Make Your Confident Workplace Team? Part2

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Fresh mornings on Tuesday after the Monday morning blues seem better. Don’t they? Well, I love my Mondays and I also love a confident workplace team. 

You say, who doesn’t Brendan? We all do. 

last week we discussed what steps and why you even need a confident workplace team apart from being confident yourself. Moreover, we inferred that the path to success for a dynamic and performing confident team lies in developing trust. 

And, taking care of the overwhelming response, I come with bearing gifts. 

I am here with the reaming part of how to grow trust and make a confident workplace team. 

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And why again do I need trust to develop a more confident workplace team? 

Before you pull your socks up and give your team, your boss, or even your co-workers trust you, you need to know the motive behind it. 

Apart from the feel-good factor that you will carry back home, building trust will allow your employees to feel safe and secure. For things to work, you need to develop a relationship of trust, with your teammates. 

Certainly, not rocket science, but as we discussed, you can start with a few easy gestures to get into the feel. 

Let’s get the ball rolling then!

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Appreciate efforts and provide constructive feedback

If you are a parent or someone who stays near to kids, you will know how miraculously children respond to appreciation. While clapping may not be the way to gain the trust in case of adults working in offices, there are simple hacks. Start with sending recognition emails or even having a meeting quarterly to show appreciation for employees. 

If this is too fancy or unprofessional, try for a more modest way to do it by giving compliments on accomplishments or thriving completion of the project before deadlines. 

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Try being more patient 

Well, this one sounds simplest of the lot and a no-brainer. But, beware! Growing trust amongst your employees and teammates to grow a more confident workplace team is no easy task. The team will test your patience. When you are a beginner in developing endeavors that value and grow trust, remember it will require time. It is a worthwhile process that needs to transform an entire already existing corporate mindset culture. Remember all those trusts the process videos from Instagram and keep your cool with your processes and the team. 

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Provide feedback

While I am a big-time advocate for appreciation of efforts rather than just looking at the results and stats, there has to be a balance. The balance will translate to constructive coaching along with a disciplinary approach, depending on the situation. 

The disciplinary approach may seem like a harsh option when building trust. But, the team growing into a more confident workplace team will require constructive and honest feedback to look at you as a true ally. 

Unfortunately, there is no device to measure trust. 

What you can do instead is continue with the best practices, and as time passes you can see the changes appearing. Or try with trust-based questions in surveys from employees, the changing answers will speak for the growing trust. 

Let me know what methods will you incorporate to make your confident workplace team. 

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