10 Things You Must Improve On Daily

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To allow us to make that change in our lives we cannot keep doing the old things. We need to make the change and start doing new things. We need to let go of old habits and start new more positive habits.

Making that change is not always easy, however, if you have set that small simple goal set in your life you will start to focus on it and you will eventually make it happen. When you do that you are on the path to making a change and to achieving more goals and in time those small short term goals feed into your large long term goals.

I have recently set myself on a path of change. I wanted to get out of the Rat-Race of work and find time to be able to spend it with those who are important to me, my family, my friends and to start to do the things I like to do again. I have started to educate myself in ways to improve myself in personal growth and development and I have started to learn how to find an alternative income to the pay per day system we struggle in daily.

To allow us to keep on target, keep focused it helps if we maintain some simple rules in life and improve upon them. Have a listen to some advise from Jim Rohn a man who has many wise words to share with us all.

10 Things to Work on Daily

1. The Power of Purpose

2. Self-Confidence (Godfidence)

3. Enthusiasm 90% inside / 10% outside

4. Expertise / Excel in all skills

5. Preparation for Success

6. Self-Reliance

7. Image “how people see U/ how U see U

8. Character / High Value / Principles / Honesty / Integrity

9. Self-Discipline

10. Extraordinary Effort

By making the effort we will attain a better us. It is an ongoing learning lesson in life and we need to be forever students. We need to share our knowledge with each other and build each other up so that we can all benefit from being the better you and the better me.

If you would like to find out more and educate yourself and start learning have a look at the link below. I have used these mentors to help me make that change in my life. I have invested my time and money to educate myself every week now for the last five months. I have been given access to live interactive webinars, training tutorials, and step by step how-to videos. I have access to consultants, coaches, personal mentors, and a community of like-minded people to be able to learn together.

There is so much to learn when we take the time, we are able to invest in ourselves and make the change in our lives to allow us to live our life to the full, whatever that may be for you. You will have immediate access to workshops to show you how you can make a change in your life to find and achieve geographical, financial and time freedom.

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